The ripple…

It was like a ripple amongst all the waves.  One confrontation, nothing to write home about.  Some discomfort, come tension, nothing substantial.  I assumed it was one of those many lows that come and go in any friendship.

How was I supposed to know that that ripple, given 4 months, would turn into a tsunami?  We fought once.  We made up.  We fought again. We made up again.  Ultimately I seemed to be the one seeing the problems in our friendship.  It seemed he didn’t care.  In the end he didn’t.  In the end he got what he wanted.  Her.

We had a big, final fight.  I left to the tune of Sinatra’s “My Way”.  After a month the group was in ruins and my friendship with my other best friend was in jeopardy because of him.  Suddenly, it seemed like it was all over.  The storm had passed, we had moved on.  But we started school and he was there, with her.  He smothered her with care and affection.  I was nothing compared to him. She noticed, and I lost her too.

Ultimately, doing what was right left me alone, friendless in a new school.  Within a week, this was no longer the case, but I still had to pay the price.

Nice guys finish last, but the last laugh’s mine, you bastard.


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