Apple iPad 2 Event

We’re not at the Apple event, but we’re going to publish any news from the event here, as it happens.  The event starts at 7pm CET, so be here!

7.07 PM Sorry we’re late guys, we’ve been having some technical difficulties.  We’re online now, and ready to blog!

7.09 PM He’s here!  Steve Jobs is presenting!

7.11 PM Steve Jobs just made a snide remark regarding the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  He’s now talking about the 65000 apps available for the iPad RIGHT NOW.

7.12 PM Jobs is comparing that number to the number available for Honeycomb.  100.

7.13 PM A video is running about 2010: The Year of the iPad.  Phil Schiller (Apple VP) is saying how some call the iPad a Post-PC device.

7.14 PM The video is now discussing the different uses the iPad has been put to: education, for example.  Medicine also.

7.16 PM Video shows how iPads are being used to work with Autistic children.  Really awesome stuff “We’re not curing Autism, but we’re helping”.

7.17 PM Steve Jobs is back!

7.19 PM iPad 2!  All new design!  Dual core CPU! 2X faster CPU!  9X faster GPU!  Video cameras!  Gyroscope!

7.20 PM The iPad 2 is only 8.8 mm thin!  Thinner than an iPhone 4! And it’s lighter!

7.22 PM Two colours!  The iPad 2’s available in both black and white!

7.23 PM Same battery life as the original iPad!

7.24 PM Starting form $499!  Great price!

7.25 PM Here’s the bombshell.  Availability.  It’s the 26th of March!

7.27 PM The iPad 2 now does HDMI out, and mirrored video output!  Works with all apps!  It charges while in use, too.

7.32 PM They’ve also made quite an interesting case for the iPad 2.  Basically a flap that covers the front, made of polyurethane or leather.  But what’s interesting is that the case is automatically aligned with magnets, and wakes the device when opened.  Sweet!

7.33PM It also has a micro fibre lining, so it will also clean your screen!

7.35 PM iOS 4.3!  We’re going to slow down a little, then update with full specs and features in a few minutes!

7.40 PM They’ve just demoed Photo Booth on iPad.  The device handled 9 LIVE VIDEO STREAMS AT ONCE!  AWESOME!

7.41 PM New FaceTime features!  Flip the iPad 2 over, and it automatically switches over to the rear facing camera! The iPad can now make FaceTime calls to ANY iPhone 4 out there!

7.42 PM iOS 4.3 will be out on the 11th of March!  Woohoo!

7.46 PM Nothing much now, they’re showing off iMove for iPad.  Pretty slick, but the best part is over.  And so is this live blog, I’m afraid.  Thanks to all you viewers out there, we’ve racked up a lot of views!  Stay tuned for our features on the iPad 2, and for a special article straight from a Mac fangirl!


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