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I'm a 20 year old with a passion for anything electronic and mostly gaming I have experience with pascal, java and basic html coding and wish to further my education in programming.

War of the Publishers

It’s always been this way, war it’s in every civilization ever but this is a different kind of war; sales, marketing, sales, fan loyalty, sales, game quality (and did I mention sales?) kind of war… it’s a publisher war. Advertisements

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Bulletstorm Mega Review

Epic games, more widely known for their Gears of War Xbox exclusive franchise, have teamed with People Can Fly, the reasons behind Unreal Tournament and Shadow Complex, as a match made in heaven, the demigod spawn of this relationship is … Continue reading

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A small intro

The gaming world is pretty hectic right now with; trucks of triple A titles are being released/announced, the biggest publishers going at it near head to head, and design houses being torn apart, it’s really quite the moment. Regardless of … Continue reading

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