War of the Publishers

As for EA that’s a different story. Even from the beginning they enjoyed a large portion of fame and also having a big share of trouble. The once bad now good (don’t worry I’m going to explain in the next paragraph) people at EA don’t really give their fame to one franchise or series in particular but its the sheer number of games produced under EA’s wing that gave it such a recurring name in the gaming industry.

EA has many Logos as they adapt to the apropriate game

Although being the newer of the two by 3 years it had a steadier start-up, having games such as these never hurt:

  • the Sims
  • Battlefield
  • Medal of Honor
  • and any sport ever (thanks to subsidiary EA sports)

though it wasnt always sunshine and lollipops, during the late 90’s the name “EA” was a design houses worst nightmare. This being because it was swallowing up companies like a 12 year old swallowed MnMs. Westwood , Irrational Games, Mythic Entertainment, BioWare, Pandemic Studios and many more were just fodder in the way of EA’s dream of apparently owning the world.

But having too much of a good thing isn’t really as good as it sounds. People started to revolt and protest against their new masters and eventually this lead to a complete re-haul of the management system. This made the, now, in-house software producers more content and willing to work.

Currently sporting triple A titles like; Command and Conquer, Need for speed, spore, Dragon Age, Crysis, Bulletstorm, Rock band, Deadspace and (most importantly right now) Battlefield [of which the 3 is looking to be THE game to bring COD off its mighty high throne as best selling entertainment thing EVER], I’d say they pretty much got themselves back on their feet.. and more!


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I'm a 20 year old with a passion for anything electronic and mostly gaming I have experience with pascal, java and basic html coding and wish to further my education in programming.
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2 Responses to War of the Publishers

  1. Joshua White says:

    Activision not a household name until the 90’s? You really need to check your facts on this. But then again, you are 16 and never owned an Atari 2600 or been to a real arcade. Pitfall was the best selling game for the Atari 2600 in 1982, so Activision was a household name. You couldn’t help from knowing that because their logo was at the bottom of the screen during the entire game. Now for EA, it is sad how they bought up all of these companies to basically shut them down. EA is sitting on a huge catalog of games (not just sports titles), but they are only interested in making games that will guarantee a huge profit. But they did create a few surprises here and there.

  2. sebrausi says:

    I am sorry for leaving this period of time where Activision was so popular, i omitted this chapter as i severely underestimated its popularity. Yes it was a pity it chewed up and spat out all those companies, i used to love playing command and conquer: Tiberian sun back when the franchise was still under Westwood, but i must disagree with you, EA has produced a large amount of good material and after their management re-haul they severely changed their attitude towards making publishing, and as it is yes i did own an Atari 2600 and used to play on it too (it was my older brothers) but i was too young (as you have pointed out) the finer details about certain games.
    Thanks for pointing out these mistakes i have made i am sure i will not repeat them again

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