War of the Publishers

It’s always been this way, war it’s in every civilization ever but this is a different kind of war; sales, marketing, sales, fan loyalty, sales, game quality (and did I mention sales?) kind of war… it’s a publisher war.

Activision only became a house old name quite recently, although being founded in the early 90’s it didn’t have too many design houses under its wing and eventually went bust, but then with new management under the famed Robert Kotick (also know for other dastardly deeds *cough cough* Infinity Ward *cough cough*). The company was revitalised when Kotick injected it with new ideas and fresh perspectives, some that took the gaming world by storm.

More recently famed for its COD series Activision have been milking that (VERY fat) cash cow for over 8 years, it also enjoyed the money rakes that are:

  • 5 Spiderman games
  • 4 Tony hawks games
  • (So many) Guitar heroes
  • the Empire Earth franchise
  • Prototype
  • Timeshift
  • 3 Xmen games

and so on and so forth, no wonder it’s the biggest and richest at the moment, (the richest part that’s mostly COD)


About sebrausi

I'm a 20 year old with a passion for anything electronic and mostly gaming I have experience with pascal, java and basic html coding and wish to further my education in programming.
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2 Responses to War of the Publishers

  1. Joshua White says:

    Activision not a household name until the 90’s? You really need to check your facts on this. But then again, you are 16 and never owned an Atari 2600 or been to a real arcade. Pitfall was the best selling game for the Atari 2600 in 1982, so Activision was a household name. You couldn’t help from knowing that because their logo was at the bottom of the screen during the entire game. Now for EA, it is sad how they bought up all of these companies to basically shut them down. EA is sitting on a huge catalog of games (not just sports titles), but they are only interested in making games that will guarantee a huge profit. But they did create a few surprises here and there.

  2. sebrausi says:

    I am sorry for leaving this period of time where Activision was so popular, i omitted this chapter as i severely underestimated its popularity. Yes it was a pity it chewed up and spat out all those companies, i used to love playing command and conquer: Tiberian sun back when the franchise was still under Westwood, but i must disagree with you, EA has produced a large amount of good material and after their management re-haul they severely changed their attitude towards making publishing, and as it is yes i did own an Atari 2600 and used to play on it too (it was my older brothers) but i was too young (as you have pointed out) the finer details about certain games.
    Thanks for pointing out these mistakes i have made i am sure i will not repeat them again

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