Bulletstorm Mega Review

Epic games, more widely known for their Gears of War Xbox exclusive franchise, have teamed with People Can Fly, the reasons behind Unreal Tournament and Shadow Complex, as a match made in heaven, the demigod spawn of this relationship is none other then Bulletstorm.Even from the start of gameplay you can sense that Bulletsotrm is a mix of mocking itself and other companies, with a reference to Xbox’s famous red ring of death, and taking its self dead serious with a gripping story and excellent gameplay.

The plot starts as you play as Grayson Hunt, a bounty hunter hired by the foul mouthed Captain Sorrano. Realizing you have been used to kill innocent people you turn on your employer and in doing so strand yourself, your team and Sorrano on one hell of a planet.

The hardest hitting fact that hits you in this game is the scale of it all, be it weapons, evnironment, enemies or well executed stroy its one hell of a game. By far the best and coolest parts of Bulletstorm is its weapon/skillshot system.

Its a kill or be killed reward system that gives talented and imaginative players more skillpoints (the currency system in the game), for example if we limit our self’s to standard kills or maybe a headshot (hell yes  you might think … not so much in this game, more like meh) then you aren’t going to get far in terms of kit. Every weapon has its own style and an additional extra “supercharged” mode

The gameplay and mechanics are truly that of a fps; sliding to, kicking and leashing enemies will never get old especially if you can find new things to do with them and get more skill points in the process if your good enough.

On the subject of Multiplayer there isn’t really much to play, 2 game modes, first of which (eco mode) where you play through parts of campaign with friends getting a total amount of skillpoints needed to complete the level is more a co-op rendering of the game with less of the campaign.The other is really pretty much the same just individual points and who gets more wins, but then again this is understandable given its CRAZY gameplay mechanics.

Rating : 9½

You’l Love:

1)Epic weapons and upgrades
2)Pure FPS game style
3)Testosterone injected gameplay

You’ll Hate:

1)No jumping
2)Once you unlock everything not much to do
3)Where’s the 2?

Think this review is WAY off or spot on? leave a comment and say whats on your mind


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I'm a 20 year old with a passion for anything electronic and mostly gaming I have experience with pascal, java and basic html coding and wish to further my education in programming.
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