Apple iPad 2: The Summary of a Legend-In-The-Making

There has been a lot of excitement going round about Apple’s special event: their announcement of a successor to the legend that was the original iPad, the iPad 2. To our great surprise Steve himself hosted the event even though he was on medical leave (I simply can’t imagine apple without Steve).

The event started with some very impressive facts and figures regarding their online stores(iTunes, iBooks and the App Store) and sale figures regarding the iPhone 4.

After this the fun started, because after all those rumors Apple finally unveiled the iPad 2!

So what’s new?

The iPad 2:

  • Faster: The A5  is dual-core : x2 faster CPU & x9 faster graphics
  • It has a rear cam & a front facing cam
  • 3-axis Gyroscope
  • 33% thinner – 8.8mm – even thinner than the iPhone 4!
  • Its lighter – 1.3 pounds
  • Ships black and white immediately
  • Works with at&t & Verizon from immediately
  • Same 10 hours worth of battery life

Some Accessories:

  • HDMI video out with full mirrored video output and up to 1080p that works with all apps, different screen orientations and requires no set up whatsoever, while charging the iPad.  Cost is 39$.
  • Smart Covers that automatically wake the iPad when you open it and puts it to sleep when you close it.  Magnets in the iPad 2 and the hinge keep the cover firmly on the device and keep it from slipping.  These Covers also have a Microfiber lining that clean the screen when you close it, and the Covers are available in Polyurethane and leather, at $39 and $69 respectively.

New Software:

iOS 4.3:
  • Increased Safari Performance
  • iTunes home sharing
  • AirPlay improvements
  • Preference for iPad switch (mute or rotation lock etc.)
  • Personal hotspot
  • Facetime and Photo Booth
iMovie for iPad:
  • Precision editor
  • Multitrack audio recording
  • New themes
  • AirPlay to Apple TV
  • Share HD videos
  • $4.99
Garage Band for iPad
  • Touch instruments
  • Guitar amps & effects
  • 8 track recording & mixing
  • 250+ loops
  • Email ACC files
  • Compatible with Mac version
  • $4.99

So when will the iPad 2 be available?  March 11th in the US, with 26 more countries having the device available on the 26th of March.

Bottom Line: You’re getting a lot of bang for your buck! Its an amazing device on which you can do virtually anything & take anywhere. In my opinion it is not a replacement for the MacBook but its good for data consumption & light processing. As Steve himself put it its a magical device.

By Samantha Catania


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