Little Big Planet 2

Little Big Planet 2 or also referred to as LBP2  is what i hope to be on my plate tomorrow, i will post a review of the game also giving points on these Criteria : Control, Design, Story, Gameplay, Custom Content and if it holds up to the sequel of the already AMAZING game Little Big Planet (Well Duh it wouldn’t be a sequel to the game called: Sackboy World now would it … ? )
Also as an added bonus i will be putting up (hopefully) a Video Which is where i boot up the for the first time and how it immediately feels …. right before i go Deep into its levels and CRUSH IT FORM THE INSIDE >:) … okay maybe im already pre-judging the game, more on this tomorrow.

Ill see you next time!
Steve C.L

Please Note : Due to being in a country with very little accesibility to new games, Little Big Planet 2 will be bought on 08/03/2011 and a review later in the week, thanks for your co-operation 🙂


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