Metro UI coming to Android in the form of WP7Android Project

Anyone remotely aware of the goings on in the tech world has undoubtedly heard of Microsoft’s venerable mobile operating system, Windows Mobile, being put to rest.

Also, this person would have undoubtedly head of Microsoft’s replacement, Windows Phone. A complete rebuild, Windows Phone brings a fresh perspective to the smartphone world. Whilst it has all the functionality of Windows Mobile, Windows Phone features a brilliant new UI, the Metro UI first seen on Microsoft’s music devices, the Zune line up.

Now, a group of developers with TheRedDrake (or 00GHz as he is also known) at the helm are working to bring this user interface to Android. This tremendous undertaking started in October 2010, and after some hard work they have pushed out Alpha and Beta versions of the Contacts app, albeit on an invitation basis. Read on after the break for screen shots and videos of these apps in use.

The team plans to implement their overhaul of the Android UI using a number of apps, thus eliminating the need for root access. These apps are the Launcher, a Contacs app, a Messaging app, a Browser, a Music Player (Zune), a Camera app, a Gallery app and a Calendar. These apps will be put on the Android Market and their portal for around $2.5 to $2.99  each, while the Calendar, Gallery and Camera apps will be free to users of

The team are trying to push their features to the market before major updates are put out by the Microsoft and Nokia partnership.  The new partnership does promise to give Windows Phone greater reach thanks to Nokia.

At the head of the team is Mafteiu Scai Vlad, also known as TheRedDrake. He is also the initiator of this effort. A Romanian student of medicine studying at the University of Medicine Victor Babes in Timisoara, Romania, he carries out his work on WP7Android Project in his free time.

The team plans to release the Contacts app to the Android Market and their online portal, and it should be ready in around two to three weeks time for the price already mentioned above, $2.99 and $2.5 respectively (the extra half a dollar is due to extra costs required by Google). After that the team plans to release the Messaging app and the Launcher app later than that.

Outlined below is a detailed overview of the release stages for the Contacts app:

  1. First off, the basic Contacts app and Facebook social features will be published.
  2. The second version will include instant messaging and Twitter integration with full customization options.
  3. Forum integration and Youtube contact integration comes in the third version.

Here’s an overview of the Launcher app:

  1. The first version includes the WP7 Launcher, Tile Quick Access and Tile Field View.
  2. The second version is an update that brings Dynamic Tiles to the whole package.

And an overview of the Music Player (aka Zune Player):

  1. The first version brings the full Zune Player on Android.
  2. The second brings iTunes ad Zune software support and sync options.
  3. While the third version brings the integration with cloud services.

Check out our WP7Android Project page for more details on the project, as well as the latest news and reviews!  We’re working on our review of the Contacts app, so stay tuned!


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