New HTC devices announced at MWC

HTC decided to make quite a bang at MWC this year, announcing not only 3 new smartphones, but also a 7 inch tablet and two Facebook phones.  This feature is an overview of the 3 new smartphones.

HTC Incredible S

First up is the Incredible S, a refresh of their popular Verizon Android flagship, the Droid Incredible.  This time the phone will be available globally.  It has a 4.0 inch Super-LCD screen, a 1GHz CPU and an Adreno 205 GPU.  The device will ship with Froyo, but will be upgradeable to Gingerbread.

HTC Desire S

Next up is the Desire S.  It’s basically the same HTC Desire that everyone loves, except for a beautiful new aluminum unibody.  It will launch with Gingerbread at release, and has internals that are almost identical to those of the Incredible S, except that it’s packing a 3.7 inch screen that is also a Super-LCD unit.

HTC Wildfire S

Last but not least of their smartphones is a refresh of their immensely popular Wildfire, the HTC Wildfire S.  Physically, this device is similar to the original, but the internals have been tweaked for the better.  The resolution has been bumped up to 320×480, making images considerably sharper than on the original.  RAM has also been increased slightly to 512MB, as has the CPU speed.  It is now 600MHz.


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