Here’s Honeycomb!

Hey guys, look at what Google decided to release at CES:  Honeycomb!  It’s a completely new UI that looks brilliant, but is still in its very early stages.

The tablets themselves look pretty good, with the Motorola Xoom shaping up to be real competition for the iPad.  What I think we have to show here is that Google and Apple are taking two very different routes at the moment.  The iPad is still like a big iPhone, which isn’t bad but certainly doesn’t allow an experience similar to what you’d get on a desktop or laptop.

Honeycomb on the other hand is completely different, with a central homepage and widgets that mimic the effect of open windows and an overall cleaner appearance.  Of course we aren’t at CES, as that’s just about on the other side of the world from where I’m sitting, but the tablet wars are shaping up to be of historic proportions.

Below we got a video preview of Honeycomb, followed by a slew of screens thanks to Engadget



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