Forget the Anzu, the phone Sony’s teasing is the Arc

Remember our post from a few hours ago, the one where we thought that Sony was teasing the Anzu?  Well, the folks at Gadagadget have scored a couple of pics that match perfectly with the the phone in Sony’s posters, and they call it the Xperia Arc.  The phone’s specs, if true, are pretty good: it sports a 1GHz CPU, 8 Megapixel camera back illuminated camera, Gingerbread, HD video capture, 4.2-inch 854 x 480 display and what is probably the thinnest  frame we’ve seen in ages, only 8.7 mm thick at it’s thinnest point and a reported 9 mm at its thickest. Wow.

The phone gets its name from its concave back, and apparently it weighs in at a light 117 grams, but this means that the phone’s construction is all plastic.  Below we got a few pics and an ad for it, check them out!

And here’s the ad

And here are a couple of pics


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