New Android music player leaked, radical UI overhaul emerges

Someone’s given us a taste of the future, and we taste Honey.  A kind fellow has leaked version 3.0 of the stock Android Music app, and while it has a drastic, pleasing and much needed UI overhaul, it points to something much, much bigger.  As Andre, via Engadget, has pointed out the app has a menu button on the top right, just as the device Andy Rubin had demoed at “D: Dive into Mobile”.  This hints that Google’s trying to move away from physical buttons, and the current “surprise” menu.  There’s also an icon on the top left that takes you to the “home” of the app, just like the device Andy Rubin previewed. We got a couple of interesting videos below, as well as a link to actually download the app.

[Update]  Guy, this doesn’t really fit with the aesthetics of Honeycomb so far, so could this be an OEM’s (HTC?, Samsung?) skin?  Tell us what you think in the comments.

We’ve also got the APK link for download if you’re feeling REALLY, REALLY brave.  Click here, if you dare….


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