Unannounced (or rumored) Sony Ericsson device appears in the wild

The phone to the left of this here post just surfaced in the wild together with a couple more shots of it.  From what we can gather so far it’s an unannounced Sony Ericsson device and this could very well be its first outing on the web.   We can tell for sure that it’s running Android, and our sources claim that this and another device are running Gingerbread.

The pics you see below came from a Picasa account jam packed with 8 megapixel stills coming from TWO phones, the “LT15i” and the “MT15i”.  It’s hard to tell which phones took which pictures, but at least Mr Blurrycam hasn’t worked his dark magic on them.   

One of these phones seems to be associated with Vodafone Germany, and the rather large front camera might mean HD video calls, but we’re not holding our breath on this one.  Look on below for some more shots of these mystery phones.

Emmanuel’s Thoughts: This phone seems to be what the Nexus S should have been.  It looks good, even though it’s all plastic, has a top notch camera from the looks of it AND might prove to be a champ in the video call department.  We just have to wait and see, but if its specs are as great as we think they are, this could very easily be my next phone


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