Honeycomb for March, it seems

Rumour has it that Android’s next big installment will be coming in March, in the form of Android 3.0.  This iteration of the massively popular OS will be showcased on a tablet that Motorola is developing jointly with Google (a Nexus tablet, so to speak).  This tablet may be called Xoom (following Motorola’s trade marking of the name around the world).  We should first see Honeycomb at CES this January, and Motorola has been throwing strong hints that it will showcase it’s Xoom tablet there.  

What we know so far about Honeycomb is that it is being designed primarily around large-screen devices ie tablets.  After a debut on a tablet, the OS will be pushed to phones.  What will Honeycomb be like?  We have no idea, but apparently it has minimum requirements of a 1GHz CPU and at least 512 MBs of RAM and features a radically different UI.

We’ll just have to wait for CES and see what Google’s got in store for us.


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