Ah, the Nexus S. What a disappointment.

New Android? Check.  New features? Check.  New phone? Check.  Revolutionary new phone?  Nope.

The Nexus S has specs that are basically on par, and features that won’t really change the way we look at phones.  As much a disaster as it was, the Nexus One was revolutionary.  It had the fastest processor, brand-spanking-new OS, great AMOLED capacitive touch screen and dual noise canceling microphones.  The Nexus S?  NFC chip and gyroscope support.  Meh.

Sure, it has a cool curved 4″ screen, but other than that it’s rather ordinary.  And the phone’s materials do disappoint a lot.  For that price, one would expect premium materials such as those in many HTC phones instead of plain plastic.  And a design that is unique and trend-setting (Nexus One brought about the Desire, Desire Z and Wildfire designs), not  a design that looks like a melted iPhone clone.

I know, one shouldn’t believe the hype that rumors build up, but I was seriously expecting the Nexus S charge the industry with a dual core CPU!  With that power, I’d forgive any of its shortcomings, even the fact that it’s a Samsung.

But hey, it’s out and maybe it really could be a phone to uphold the Nexus S name.  Only time will tell, exactly 10 days to be precise.


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A young aspiring journalist with a love for blogging and technology - is Emmanuel
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