These are not the droids you are looking for…

Ah, Android, thou art so great.  I myself love Android and no, I’m not some crazed fan boy.  The thing is, Android has a certain openness that other operating systems simply don’t.  While iOS is indeed the most intuitive of them all, it doesn’t have Android’s widgets or Notification Bar.  Windows Phone 7 takes a different take on the UI, its widgets are blocks on the homescreen, and the notifications aren’t half as good as Android’s.

When it comes to Android phones, some are rather legendary.  The Nexus One for instance, trumped the iPhone 3GS in every way, and I think may have led to the iPhone 4 being what it is.  The HTC Desire is its HTC cousin, and the HTC Legend is famed for it’s stunning design.  Samsung’s Galaxy S series are indeed the most used nowadays, and are the most powerful at the moment.  And Android is quickly replacing Symbian as the OS for budget phones.  Yet, while Android is so great, the phones that carry it aren’t all so brilliant.

A number of budget phones do indeed run Android, but their execution warrants the death penalty.  Some of these phones are simply ridiculous, and for a number of reasons.  Some simply look cheap.  Others have specs that are cruel to Android, like trying to move your house by tying it to a donkey.  It’s cruel on the donkey.  Many of these are the cheap China knock-offs, mostly in the tablet market.  I mean, many are still running Android 1.6 or earlier!

But this post isn’t about all those really bad phones.  My post is about those Droids that you simply don’t want, because: 1) there are better choices other there and 2) they’re simply ridiculous.  Here is a list of these phones:

  • Acer Liquid Metal:  Right.  First of all, it’s an Acer.  So it’s not going to be that great in the first place.  Second of all, it’s looks are rather dated.  I, personally, give style more importance than anything else.  And frankly, while pulling the Nexus One out of your pocket makes you look stylish and cool and understated, or the HTC Legend gives you that retro-chic look, the Acer looks cheap.  And it isn’t.  It’s around 400 euro BEFORE TAXES, with phones like the HTC Wildfire, HTC Aria, LG Optimus One (to mention a few) are cheaper, and look much better.  So my main complaint about the Acer is looks.
  • Dell Streak:  The Dell Streak looks good, don’t get me wrong, and has great specs.  But it’s form factor is a killer in my opinion.  It’s too big to be a phone, and too small to be a tablet.  So basically, what one must ask himself is, what’s the point?  If you want a large screen, go for the HTC Desire HD or the Samsung Galaxy S or the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.  They all have <4.0″ screens, and match the Streak in terms of specs.  The Desire HD trumps it in terms of OS, as it’s running Froyo while many Streak users are still running 1.6.
  • Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica:  This phone is what makes budget droids look so cheap.  It’s plasticky exterior and inferior specs put the OS to shame.  Sure, an 800MHz CPU isn’t that bad, but most phones are still running Doughnut.  That’s Android 1.5.  The camera is a measly 3.15 mega pixels, while the video recording maxes out at 15 fps.  But my main argument against it aren’t it’s specs.  It is a budget phone after all.  My main argument against it is how cheap it looks and feels.  It’s incredible really.  For  a little more you could get yourself a brand new HTC Wildfire SIM free, or for less than the Wildfire you can get the LG Optimus One.

This is all I have in my mind right now, I’ll update it as more come to mind.  But one has to see that overall, Android phones are rather good, and it’s pretty hard to find phones that I actually WOULD NOT recommend to someone.


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