This the official page of the Windows Phone 7 Apps team for Android on enexi.  Here we shall post our features, coverage and reviews of the project’s upcoming apps.

Anyone remotely aware of the goings on in the tech world has undoubtedly heard of Microsoft’s venerable mobile operating system, Windows Mobile, being put to rest.

Also, this person would have undoubtedly head of Microsoft’s replacement, Windows Phone. A complete rebuild, Windows Phone brings a fresh perspective to the smartphone world. Whilst it has all the functionality of Windows Mobile, Windows Phone features a brilliant new UI, the Metro UI first seen on Microsoft’s music devices, the Zune line up.

Now, a group of developers with TheRedDrake (or 00GHz as he is also known) at the helm are working to bring this user interface to Android. This tremendous undertaking started in October 2010, and after some hard work they have pushed out Alpha and Beta versions of the Contacts app, albeit on an invitation basis. Read on after the break for screen shots and videos of these apps in use.

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About TheRedDrake (00GHz)

Mafteiu Scai Vlad, also known as TheRedDrake or 00GHz, is the leader and initiator of WP7Android Project.  He is a Romanian medical student at the University of Medicine Victor Babes in Timisoara, Romania.  He does his work on WP7Android in the free time he has available, showing that Android isn’t just for those heavily involved in the tech industry.

Email: mafteiuscavlad@gmail.com

Twitter: @TheRedDrake

XDA username: TheRedDrake

Youtube: 00Ghz

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