Seb Rausi

Our gaming editor, Seb is in charge of coverage of most high-profile events and PC gaming.  Besides being seriously into gaming, Seb is also quite the programmer, and studies Pure Maths and Computing at Advanced level at the Junior College, Msida.

He is also 16 years old, like the rest of the team, and rocks two mobile phones.  Yes, two.  One and one, but one croaked. These are (and were) the Samsung F480 and D400. He also has a custom PC rig: Cooler Master Desktop CM 690 II Advanced NVIDIA edition case with 4GB corsair RAM at 1334MHZ, Nvidia Gforce GT240 GPU and an Intel Pentium(R) Processor E5400 2M Cache, 2.70 GHz, Rapier V2 gaming mouse, ACME km01 (which i love) no laptop, melita DSL, and runs Firefox as his default browser.