The Team

The team that makes Enexi what it is.  Great, that is.


  • Emmanuel Buttigieg –  The editor in chief and original founder of Enexi.  He doesn’t go anywhere without his Nexus.  He has a love for technology, cars and style, with the latter being perhaps the most important to him.  Indeed, style dictates the other two for him.  Here’s more on him here….
  • Zach Galea –  The automotive editor of Enexi, Zach follows much of the same principles as Emmanuel.  He loves Italian cars, and studies at the same college as Emmanuel and Seb.  Learn more about Zach here….
  • Matthew Camilleri- Enexi’s main Apple correspondent, and shares Emmanuel’s love for all things tech with particular affection for Apple.  He is also quite the reviewer with an active Youtube channel and practises field hockey and sailing.  Learn more about Matthew here…
  • Seb Rausi –  Seb is the gaming contributor of Enexi.  As such, he is an avid gamer with a healthy interest in tech, but tends to favor Sony above all else.  Some might even call him a PS3 fan boy.  Of course, he’s a hardcore PC gamer, and you can learn more about him here….