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HTC Titan and Radar pricing and ship date announced

While most of us are looking forward to HTC’s upcoming Android focused (at least we hope it’s Android focused) event, we must not forget their Windows Phone flagship and its cheaper sibling.  The Titan is that 4.7″  beast you might have heard about and Expansys have listed an appropriately titanic price – 590 euros (589.99 to be precise) and a shipping date of October 4th.

Unfortunately no shipping date has been given for the Radar but it has been priced at 405 euros (again, to be precise it’s at 404.99 euros).  The pricing is appropriate, considering its position on the ladder, and the Radar’s price is bound to drop within a few months of release.


Stephen elop reveals first nokia windows phone device

In a press conference today, Stephen Elop surprised those attending by requesting that all cameras be turned off.  Of course, being tech journalists, there were those few who kindly ignored, and the following footage was pleasantly uploaded.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, ‘That’s the N9!’, a post about which is in the works.  But indeed it is not.  It is in fact a Windows Phone 7 “Mango” device, of course running Microsoft’s latest 7.1 interation of their smartphone OS.  We have no actual specs on this, but from what we can see it has a dedicated camera shutter button.

Here’s an interesting thing, we can’t spot any evidence of Windows Phone 7’s requisite hardware buttons, so they must be virtual.  Seems everyone but Apple’s ditching hardware controls these days, though Apple only has a hardware ‘Home’ button.

The phone seems to be called the Sting Ray and has a beautiful design, finally bringing some truly exceptional hardware to Windows Phone’s arsenal.  Will it be the dream device we think it can be?  Only time will tell.  Click through the small gallery below for a better view.


nokia-sea-ray-running-windows-phone-mango-front-on nokia-sea-ray-backside-1-1308831712nokia-sea-ray-side-view-1308831642

Nokia going for Windows Phone 7?

Ah, the rumor mill’s churning out some really juicy rumors lately.  First are those mysterious Sony Ericsson devices on Picasa, and now this.  Elgar Murtazin, as known tipster, said last week that Microsoft and Nokia were in talks about Windows Phone 7.  Now, it will be some time before such a device would be ready for market and by that time Windows Phone 7 will be a direct competitor to the likes of iOS and Android.  What would such a phone look like?  Here’s a video after the break. Continue reading

1.5 Million Windows Phone 7 devices sold? Wow.

In a recent interview it was revealed that 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 devices have been sold WORLDWIDE.  But before the joy starts, let’s make something clear.  1.5 million devices were sold to carriers and retailers, so we don’t really know how many devices have been sold to actual consumers, but I guess that the actual figure can’t be too far off.