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Sony Ericsson, Where’s Our X10 Update?


On the 1st of August Sony Ericsson announced that the international roll out of the Gingerbread update for its 2010 flagship, the Xperia X10. Yet, so far, progress seems to be painfully slow. Indeed the evidence suggests that the roll out has stopped altogether. Sony Ericsson’s Facebook page is nothing short of chaos with people posting all kinds of wild rumours and crazy assurances. We just don’t know who to trust and Sony’s, quite suspiciously is keeping mum on the subject.

Our own Zach Galea has been eagerly awaiting the update since the early months of 2011, but now all he feels is anger and frustration. 2011 has most definitely not been Sony’s best year. First came the update fiasco with the above mentioned X10 and the entire 2010 line up, whereby Sony announced that no device will go beyond Eclair and even having the guts to say that their version of Clair was “as good as if not better than 2.2 [Froyo]”. Next came the PSN hacking, though that doesn’t really tie in with their smartphones. Their current flagship, the Arc, svelte as it is, has fallen behind its dual core brethren and many loyal users are doubting their faith. 2012 promises to be better, with the Vita supposedly shipping to the US and European markets as well as two new and quite unique Honeycomb tablets, the S1 and the S2.

Unfortunately only time will tell if their update schedule improves or not.


Xperia X10 Update Closer Than We Thought?

The Xperia X10’s path to adulthood and Gingerbread goodness has been a long and arduous one, frought with pain and suffering for those patient owners.  One that is nearing it’s end sooner than you may think.  The X10 launched with 1.6 and it took months to get to 2.1 (Ecliar).  After that people thought that an update to Froyo was imminent.  But it was not meant to be.  Sony Ericsson took to the interwebs to officially declaire that their entire 2010 line up will not go beyond Eclair and even had the guts to say, rather wrongly, that their customizations to Eclair made it as good as, if not better than, Froyo.  Our own Zach Galea felt the pain, his X10 on 2.1 and my Nexus One on 2.3.  I tried to tempt him to root, but he decided to stand by Sony Ericsson.

The news caused an uproar, with many selling their shiny Xperia X10s on ebay for less than $100.  Sony went back online to say that they shall indeed be bringing a major update to the X10, but they will skip Froyo and jump straight to Gingerbread, aka Android 2.3.  People cheared, and many bought those same X10s whose owners had forsaken them from ebay.  $100 for a 1GHz, 4″ flagship device with striking looks and an excellent 8MP camera?  Deal of a lifetime!

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E3 is in 3 days, and we’ve got some surprises in store for you!

First of all I have to say it’s good to be back. I’m afraid I’ve been too busy to keep up with all the tech news of the past month or so, but we’re ramping to come back with a bang this summer!

As I’m sure all you gamers out there know, E3 starts on the 6th of June and kicks off at 6PM Central European Time with Microsoft and the Xbox 360. EA have an event at 9.30PM CET, followed by Sony at 2AM CET and it’s all brought to what should be an amazing conclusion by Nintendo at 6PM the next day.

Seb, our gaming editor, shall be writing features after each event. Needless to say, he shall be drooling over the monitor for most of the night. I, in the meantime shall be commenting on events and reveals and such on Twitter, so follow us @EnexiDotNet!

Stay tuned, we’ve got some great surprises in store for the not-so-distant future!

Sony Lies!

So 4th May has come and gone and Sony still has not brought PSN back online and everybody is kind of pissed not playing Portal 2 Co-Op. My advice to Sony, ‘Always Have a BACK UP GUYS!’ These things shouldn’t really happen, i mean ok it’s a free network, but there is Playstation Plus, those Members Should at least be able to play immediately as, after all,  they PAID for the service. You all have no idea how pissed off this makes most of us, sspecially the Little Big Planet Community, everything could be lost”. Anyway guys sorry for the late content update I’ll be putting up a Magicka Review as soon as me and my Brother Manage to get pass Chapter 5.

Stay Tuned

Steve CL

Xperia Play commercial leaked

As our friends at Engadget have pointed out, Sony Ericsson is the worst at keeping secrets.  Ever.  In the history mankind, in our own opinions.  Not only has the actual phone been leaked in production form, but now somebody’s actually leaked the COMMERCIAL for it.  Watch it below, and it gives new life to back-alley surgery.

No Froyo for X10, Sony says Eclair is as good as if not better

In a tweet Sony Ericsson finally put an end to the drama that was the Xperia X10’s updates.  It hasn’t been very long since it hit 2.1, but sadly it won’t be going any further.  Sony Ericsson stated in a tweet that their skinned version of Eclair (2.1) and all their native apps make the Xperia X10 experience on par with, if not better than, stock 2.2.  Sorry guys, but here’s the evidence below

Forget the Anzu, the phone Sony’s teasing is the Arc

Remember our post from a few hours ago, the one where we thought that Sony was teasing the Anzu?  Well, the folks at Gadagadget have scored a couple of pics that match perfectly with the the phone in Sony’s posters, and they call it the Xperia Arc.  The phone’s specs, if true, are pretty good: it sports a 1GHz CPU, 8 Megapixel camera back illuminated camera, Gingerbread, HD video capture, 4.2-inch 854 x 480 display and what is probably the thinnest  frame we’ve seen in ages, only 8.7 mm thick at it’s thinnest point and a reported 9 mm at its thickest. Wow.

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Is this the Anzu?

Alright, so what month is it? January.  What comes in January?  CES!  And Sony’s giving us a little tease with a number of posters in Vegas.  So what device is it?   We have no concrete evidence here, but we think that this could quite easily be the Anzu.  That hole in the top left corner of the device seems to be a 3.5mm jack, and as the folks at Engadget have pointed out, this phone can’t be more than 6 or 7 millimeters thick, which points us towards the Anzu.  Our sources claimed that the Anzu will be unbelievably thick AND have a 4.3″ screen, which now points to the words on the poster “Believe in more Entertainment at the Touch of a Button”.  Is this really the Anzu? Check out more shots of the poster below, and tell us what you think in the comments.

Another Sony Ericsson leak, could this be the successor to the X10 mini Pro?

The folks over at Engadget have spotted what appears to be an Android 2.3 successor to the much loved and critically acclaimed Xperia X10 Mini Pro.  From what we can see in these shots this beast packs a lot of power, it achieved 42.5 fps on Neocore, while achieving a score of 1533 in the Quadrant benchmark app, coming very close to the Nexus S.  This phone allegedly has a 1GHz CPU and an Adreno 205 GPU.  It has a 3.0″ screen and a resolution of 320×480 on an LCD screen.  What’s different, do you ask?  The controls have been flipped round, that’s what.

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Red and Black Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 coming to Virgin Mobile in January

Via communcentral;

Virgin Mobile UK has just announced that it will be carrying the Sony Xperia X8 in red and black come january 2011. The device will be a part of the carriers 2011 refreshing which also includes the HTC Desire HD.

The limited edition red and black Xperia X8 will be selling for£10 a month from January 1st. The official announcement reads:

Sony Ericsson’s latest Android powered handset the X8 is available exclusively to Virgin Media customers in a striking red and black variant from January. With instant access to the Android Marketplace with over 100,000 apps and Sony Ericsson’s integrated social networking system TimeScape that allows usersto keep up to date with all of the their friends social interactions, the X8 is an attractive handset for busy tweeters and Facebookers on the move.

Available free on a£10 a month tariff with 50 minutes, 250 texts and 500MB mobile web from New Year’s day.

That’s quite the deal for the pretty impressive device. Currently there is no picture of the device in this color set, but it will look just like the image above, in red and black– of course.