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Here Are Some Changes You’re Definitely Going To Notice

I’m sure you, our readers, have gotten used to our current layout. I chose this to put an emphasis on the posts themselves but, unfortunately, it lacks visual pisazz. Thus, within the next couple of days the layout and look shall change drastically, but for the better.

Another big change shall occur within our categories which shall be simplified to “Cars”, “Tech”, “Gaming”, “Reviews” and “Selections”. Now, the first four are undoubtedly familiar to you. Selections is a new category in which I shall be making app or hardware selections made especially for the local Maltese market.

Which brings me some new features we’ll be bringing to Enexi. First off are daily app recommendations for Android, either for smart phones, tablets or both. Next is a weekly round up of the best deals around for the best hardware out there for the Maltese Islands, be it a brick and mortar retailer or an online store.

What will most probably be our most popular features shall be an all new pod cast, more details about this coming soon, and reviews. A Motorola Xoom is in the works, with a Honeycomb vs iOS comparison coming soon, as well as a look at some of the most popular Android handsets around.

It’s going to be quite a summer, so bookmark our site and keep coming!