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Peugeot 208 Revealed

Peugeot has finally revealed the first images of the 208, a car to replace their popular, 207. Peugeot want everyone know, that this is not just a reskinned 207. In fact this car has a number of key features that Peugeot hope will put them ahead in this segment of the market.

Peugeot are claiming to have taken inspiration from their late 80s classic, the 205. That car was revered for its low weight and agility, and this new 208 has its sights aimed squarely in the same direction. In its lightest specification, the 208 weighs 975kg, a massive 173kg less than the 207.

The 208 is also significantly smaller than the 207 on the exterior, being 70mm shorter than its predecessor and 10mm lower. However, do not think for one second that this reduction in size will affect the interior. In fact, Peugeot is claiming that inside, the 208 has more space than the 207 and has 15 litres more luggage space than the 207, and 50mm extra legroom.

The interior has been updated significantly, and in my opinion is the best looking part of the car. It is a simple yet stylish design with great emphasis on the use of top quality materials. The dashboard incorporates a smaller steering wheel, elevated instrument cluster and a touchscreen control unit which incorporates entertainment and navigation function, as well as any necessary vehicle dynamics. This touchscreen is available on all the models except the entry-level model. Customers can also choose to personalise the screen in various “skins”.

There are also a few differences with the variety of engines on offer on the 208. Two new petrol engines replace the old 1.4 and 1.6 litre units, with a 1.0 and  1.2 litre units. The 1.0 litre unit is claimed to produce 65.7mpg and emits 99g/km of CO2. No word yet on what sort of power these engines produce, but expect them to produce between 75 and 100bhp.

There are also five diesels on offer, some of which will incorporate Peugeot’s micro-hybrid technology and stop-start technology. Peugeot also claim that the most frugal engine will return 83.1mpg and 87g/km of CO2.

The 208 should be available in about a years time, with the introduction of the GTi varient to follow shortly after.


Peugeot’s 208 To Be Revealed Soon

According to rumours that have surfaced within the last 24 hours, Peugeot’s latest incarnation of their supermini, the 208, is set to be revealed very soon, possibly as soon as next week.

Many are claiming that the release date is set for the 2nd of November, next Wednesday to be precise. Peugeot has high hopes for their 207 replacement, with claimed reports that they are aiming to sell 500,000 a year.

There are also reports that the new car will be cheaper than the current 207, to make it more competitive with the VW Polo and Ford Fiesta. Rumours also suggest that on the exterior the new car is smaller than the 207, but more spacious on the interior.

Peugeot also aim on bringing back the spirit of the 205 GTi with this new car. The plan is to make the car lighter than the 207 and fitting the 1.6l petrol engine from the RCZ.

Lets hope the result is as good as these rumours, because if they are, Peugeot could have a real market winner on their hands.

The Practical Side Of The Geneva Motor Show 2011

Besides powerful supercars, there were also a lot of everyday cars for those of us who are far less financially well off, and need a new, safe and well built car.

Chevrolet revealed its Cruze hatchback, a car based on the General Motor’s Delta platform that is used on the Opel/Vauxhall Astra. The idea behind this car is to provide a more practical vehicle for the current Cruze line-up. Luggage space is said to be about 400 litres. With the launch of this new car, Chevrolet has also revealed that they will offer a variety of new engines for the Cruze, like a 161bhp 2.0litre diesel motor, that could potentially make it a competitive rival to the equivalently sized VW Golf.

Audi showed off its new RS3 hot hatchback, a car packing 335bhp, derived from a 2.5 litre five cylinder engine producing a meaty 450Nm of torque via a seven speed DSG gearbox. At the moment this is the current ruling King of hot hatchback due to its immense power and performance figures. The only car that rivals it in terms of performance is the BMW 1-series M.

Nothing new to report from Honda. They revealed a revised version of the Accord saloon and estate version, where improvements in CO2 figures are promised.

Hyundai revealed its new Veloster, a 3-door coupe to rival the VW Scirocco and the Renault Megane Coupe. I say 3-door because it has the same door arrangement as the Mini Clubman with a suicide door on one side of the car. It will be powered by either one of two 1.6 litre engines with 138bhp or 130bhp. Hyundai also revealed the i40, a car to rival the Ford Mondeo. The car will first reach showrooms in estate form, promising a high quality interior. The styling incorporates the new company nose, which is a bold,sculpted look, easily distinguishable from the Mondeo.

Mercedes showed off its 3rd generation SLK, which still incorporates a metal folding roof. The design is influenced by the SLS AMG supercar,with its new, bold grill and an overall less aggressive look. There will be a variety of engines on offer, such as a 184bhp 1.8litre and a 3.5litre V6 engine producing 306bhp. There is also the facelifted C-Class and the new C-Class Coupe that is rivalling the popular 3-series Coupe and the stylish Audi A5. The new coupe is also available with a variety of engines where even the naturally aspirated 5.5litre V8 is available.

Not much news from Peugeot. They revealed some special editions for the RCZ and the diesel-hybrid 3008. They also revealed the facelifted 308 which has lost 25kg in its overall weight.

Saab reveals an estate version of the 9-5 and a facelifted version of the 9-3.

Those were the range of family cars on show at the Geneva Motor Show. The cars written about in this column will be on sale within the coming months.

Mercedes SLK

Hyundai Veloster

Hyundai i40

Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback

Audi RS3

Saab 9-5 Estate

Peugeot 308