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HTC’s Latest Crop Of Windows Phones Announced

This very evening, in multiple locations all over Europe, HTC announced the newest additions to their Windows Phone family, both of which are running Windows Phone 7.5, better known as Mango.

The two phones in question are the HTC Titan and Radar, the latter of which we covered in rumour form here.

HTC Titan

The Titan is definitely the most interesting of the two.  Sporting a massive 4.7″ SLCD display, the Titan is the largest Windows Phone handset out there at the moment.  Accompanying that massive screen is a 1.4GHz CPU coupled with Adreno 205 graphics, an 8MP camera with a backlit sensor, 28mm lens, F2.2 aperture, and HD camcorder and a dual LED flash.  It also sports dual noise cancelling microphones, DLNA and a 1.3MP front facing camera.

The metal unibody makes it a handsome phone indeed, deviating from the Sensation’s sleek curves into the EVO 3D’s industrial ethic. Engadget remarked that the unibody is painted black, and one of the phones they tried was already scuffed and shiny aluminium could be seen underneath.  Seeing as this is final hardware the Titan might be a little more prone to wear and tear than one would like.

HTC Radar

The Radar, also known as the Omega in the wilderness prior to launch, is a 3.8″ device with decidedly mid-range specs.  The chipset is similar to that in the Titan but the CPU runs at 1GHz, whereas the other’s runs at 1.4GHz.  The screen is SLCD with WVGA resolution which is quite last year in tech terms, but being a mid-range device it’s excused.  It has the Titan’s same 8MP, back-illuminated F2.2 camera with a 2.8mm aperture, single LED flash and 720p video recording.  The Radar lacks the Titan’s second noise cancelling microphone and secondary camera, as well as no HDMI port.

The design of the Radar is nice, with a unibody design that follows the Legend’s example – meaning the battery can’t be removed.  The design makes this a sort of Trophy II, indeed they share the same basic shape and curves, as well as an identical spot in HTC’s range.  It comes in two colours, silver and black, and the back is reminiscent of HTC’s Flyer.

Both phones should be on our shelves in October, but no pricing has yet been announced.  Another interesting feature is a dedicated dock that HTC is selling for the Radar and Titan, as seen below.  Feel free to click through the gallery to get a better idea of what these phones look like and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Microsoft blow expectations out the roof in E3 2011

icrosoft and E3 arent exactly the best if friends, hell one time they even boycott it. This year though was something different, kinect was the star of the show, and what a show it was. There were some new titles, and there was more info on a lot of pre-announced games.

E3 is in 3 days, and we’ve got some surprises in store for you!

First of all I have to say it’s good to be back. I’m afraid I’ve been too busy to keep up with all the tech news of the past month or so, but we’re ramping to come back with a bang this summer!

As I’m sure all you gamers out there know, E3 starts on the 6th of June and kicks off at 6PM Central European Time with Microsoft and the Xbox 360. EA have an event at 9.30PM CET, followed by Sony at 2AM CET and it’s all brought to what should be an amazing conclusion by Nintendo at 6PM the next day.

Seb, our gaming editor, shall be writing features after each event. Needless to say, he shall be drooling over the monitor for most of the night. I, in the meantime shall be commenting on events and reveals and such on Twitter, so follow us @EnexiDotNet!

Stay tuned, we’ve got some great surprises in store for the not-so-distant future!

It’s final, Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft is official

Nokia’s new CEO Stephen Elop has grand plans for his company’s future.  This morning he and Steve Ballmer announced an official partnership between Microsoft and Nokia.

Elop confirmed that they had been in talks with Google, but Android’s diversity would have made it near impossible to to differentiate Nokia’s products from offerings by HTC, Samsung, Motorola and the others.

2011 and 2012 will be “transition years”, through which Nokia aims to radically cut down R&D spending and boost R&D productivity amongst other matters.

Elop’s said that Nokia engineers have been working with Microsoft engineers for some time now, and already pictures have cropped up of Nokia Windows Phone 7 concepts.

On a special note, Microsoft has given Nokia EXCLUSIVE rights to tweak Windows Phone 7 as they so wish, but whether they do or don’t is arguable.

Is this a match made in heaven, or an unholy union? Let us know in the comments section!