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New Details On The New Ferrari Enzo


Rumours around the internet are speculating that the next Enzo is almost upon us, and with such rumours come even bigger claims.
Various sources have said that the latest generation of this hypercar, also known as the F70 will have 800bhp, and the car’s targeted weight is aimed at around 1000kg. However that is not all. Ferrari are said to also be including a KERS feature to the car, where the car will have a boost of 120bhp. If the claims are correct, we are looking at a car with the power-to-weight ratio that is almost double that of a Bugatti Veyron.
The F70 will be revealed towards the end of this year, probably at the Paris Motor Show or the Detroit Motor Show. As with the previous Enzo, the F60, it will be a limited edition car that can only be bought by Ferrari’s own chosen customers.