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Steam: Truly the Worlds Digital Distrabution Source.

An indie game by the name “Cthulhu Saves the World” (which is a brilliant one at that, incorporating brilliant RPG elements with humour and a gripping storyline) has sold more cyber “units” in 6 days on steam then on a whooping 18 moths on 360’s XBLIG (xboxlive indie games) channel.

With modern-day gamers more likely to be connected to the internet (and their home rather then stores) digital distribution has soared in the past few years, and other major players are trying to move in on this very efficient way of selling their swag. To put it into perspective Valve has said it makes more profit per employee then the tech colossus’ Apple and Google. (no values cos well… its Valve. They don’t tell us anything about this stuff)

With EA (look trying to out compete someone else) setting up its new origin service (previously the flawed “EA store”) they are using quite a lot of marketing brunt and such to promote it and become as profitable as steam.

Should Valve be weary of this new threat? or will their very strong fan base be loyal and snuff out the competition? Tell us what you think in the comments section bellow.


Seb Rausi.

EA: Now Making Modernwarfare3…

Well they may not be actually making “Modernwarfare3”, but then again no one is. Activision steered away from that name so as not to incur the wrath of the remnants of infinity ward, but now that they are being sheltered by EA I’m sure they won’t mind them using this link: www.modernwarfare3.com …a portal to, you guessed it, a Battlefield 3 site.

We all know this is an all out war, even though EA claim it not to be, and well we all like this sorta thing, you know big corporate heads acting like total children, but boys will be boys.

E3 is in 3 days, and we’ve got some surprises in store for you!

First of all I have to say it’s good to be back. I’m afraid I’ve been too busy to keep up with all the tech news of the past month or so, but we’re ramping to come back with a bang this summer!

As I’m sure all you gamers out there know, E3 starts on the 6th of June and kicks off at 6PM Central European Time with Microsoft and the Xbox 360. EA have an event at 9.30PM CET, followed by Sony at 2AM CET and it’s all brought to what should be an amazing conclusion by Nintendo at 6PM the next day.

Seb, our gaming editor, shall be writing features after each event. Needless to say, he shall be drooling over the monitor for most of the night. I, in the meantime shall be commenting on events and reveals and such on Twitter, so follow us @EnexiDotNet!

Stay tuned, we’ve got some great surprises in store for the not-so-distant future!