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Metro:Last Light Gameplay Trailer

The sequel to Metro 2033 just got a new gameplay trailer, the expression on your faces most probably shows the extent to which this game tanked in sales and publicity. As seen before though *cough* Okami *cough* good games dont always get the sales figures they deserve. As good as Metro 2033 was it was drowned out by the chaotic amount of FPS’s there have been lately.

Well Metro: Last light seems to be doing everything 2033 did and more, With heavy emphasis on lighting (well it is in the name) we can expect some stealth and sneaking as a major gameplay element. Though if ammo is as rare as in 2033 then you are going to have to choose which bulbs to take out very carefully.

Lets hope that THQ will market this low profile gem as much as it deserves, which is a lot.