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Sony Ericsson, Where’s Our X10 Update?


On the 1st of August Sony Ericsson announced that the international roll out of the Gingerbread update for its 2010 flagship, the Xperia X10. Yet, so far, progress seems to be painfully slow. Indeed the evidence suggests that the roll out has stopped altogether. Sony Ericsson’s Facebook page is nothing short of chaos with people posting all kinds of wild rumours and crazy assurances. We just don’t know who to trust and Sony’s, quite suspiciously is keeping mum on the subject.

Our own Zach Galea has been eagerly awaiting the update since the early months of 2011, but now all he feels is anger and frustration. 2011 has most definitely not been Sony’s best year. First came the update fiasco with the above mentioned X10 and the entire 2010 line up, whereby Sony announced that no device will go beyond Eclair and even having the guts to say that their version of Clair was “as good as if not better than 2.2 [Froyo]”. Next came the PSN hacking, though that doesn’t really tie in with their smartphones. Their current flagship, the Arc, svelte as it is, has fallen behind its dual core brethren and many loyal users are doubting their faith. 2012 promises to be better, with the Vita supposedly shipping to the US and European markets as well as two new and quite unique Honeycomb tablets, the S1 and the S2.

Unfortunately only time will tell if their update schedule improves or not.

Evo 3D Vodafone

HTC’s Evo 3D Heading To Vodafone Soon

Vodafone’s summer just keeps getting hotter.  After bringing greats like the Sensation and the Flyer to Malta Vodafone has just put up the HTC Evo 3D for preorder.  No word on pricing and no date for release, but judging by the Sensation it shouldn’t be above the 700 euro mark.

Just to remind you, the Evo 3D is a dual core, 4.3″ smartphone with a stereoscopic glasses free 3D display.  Sense 3.0 runs on top of Gingerbread (v 2.3) with some custom 3D apps from HTC.  Unfortunately none of the homescreen elements make use of the 3D display, then again it’s best to keep 3D an add on rather than the main feature – at least till the technology improves.


Xperia X10 Update Closer Than We Thought?

The Xperia X10’s path to adulthood and Gingerbread goodness has been a long and arduous one, frought with pain and suffering for those patient owners.  One that is nearing it’s end sooner than you may think.  The X10 launched with 1.6 and it took months to get to 2.1 (Ecliar).  After that people thought that an update to Froyo was imminent.  But it was not meant to be.  Sony Ericsson took to the interwebs to officially declaire that their entire 2010 line up will not go beyond Eclair and even had the guts to say, rather wrongly, that their customizations to Eclair made it as good as, if not better than, Froyo.  Our own Zach Galea felt the pain, his X10 on 2.1 and my Nexus One on 2.3.  I tried to tempt him to root, but he decided to stand by Sony Ericsson.

The news caused an uproar, with many selling their shiny Xperia X10s on ebay for less than $100.  Sony went back online to say that they shall indeed be bringing a major update to the X10, but they will skip Froyo and jump straight to Gingerbread, aka Android 2.3.  People cheared, and many bought those same X10s whose owners had forsaken them from ebay.  $100 for a 1GHz, 4″ flagship device with striking looks and an excellent 8MP camera?  Deal of a lifetime!

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Guide: Upgrade Your European Xoom to 3.2

Fellow Europeans, I feel your Android phone.  Many of us rushed out to buy the Motorola Xoom, Google’s developer device for the Honeycomb platform, expecting updates to be on par with our American brethren.  Alas, it was not to be.  Right until now, the latest version of Honeycomb available to the European Xooms is 3.0.1.  Basically it hasn’t changed since launch.  Motorola has been promising an update to 3.1 since its launch in the US, promising that it will be pushed out to us “in the coming weeks”.  That was bearable.  When Google launched 3.2 and rolled out updates to American Xooms, the pain was too much.

So here I have a solution.  It is a simple guide that DOES NOT involve rooting, merely unlocking your Xoom.  Word of warning: Unlocking your Xoom may void the warranty.  Consider yourself warned.

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Hitachi Reveal 4.5″ 3D 720p Mobile Display


Thought the Nexus 3 rumors were nothing but stoner’s conjecture? Did you think some drunk techie was having a laugh after one too many shots? Think again.

Hitachi have revealed a new IPS display that does glasses free 3D and has a 720p resolution. Same as the Nexus 3 (or Prime)’s rumoured “massive” 720p display. It’s become quite believable now, hasn’t it? And how does this work, I hear you ask. Take a look at the image above. Starting from the bottom we find the backlight, IPS display and a lenticular lens barrier instead of the parallew tech used in the 3DS. Want to drool some more? The resolution is 1280 by 720 pixels. That’s more pixels than my laptop and a pixel density on par with the iPhone 4’s Retina Display as it matches the iPhone’s 326 dpi.

What else can we squeeze from this bit of new? The chances of Samsung being the manufacturer are significantly slimmer as Samsung is famous for its in-house tech and AMOLED displays. I very much doubt they’d throw it all away and use a competitor’s display in Android’s flagship phone. My perwonql bet is on HTC, whose Nexus One was a far better and better loved device than Samsung’s rehashed Galaxy S, the Nexus S.

So, an Android phone running Ice Cream Sandwich, a 720p HD glassesless 3D display? A a 720p HD glassesless 3D ‘Retina’ display? Yes please.

Gingerbread For The HTC Desire Z Rolling Out Now


HTC have recently announced that the Gingerbread update for the Desire Z, their venerable Froyo messenger. Fortunately there seems to have been none of the Gingerbread update nonsense that has been plaguing the original Desire, and HTC say that the Desire Z update is currently in heavy testing in the field.

An excellent bit of news thoughis that while HTC have it in testing carriers all over the world have started pushing the OTA update to their devices, mainly in Australia and Germany.  This update carries none of the Sense 3.0 updates that have been promised, but updates the underlying Android heart to 2.3.4 Gingerbread.

Did you receive an update? Let us know how it went and what changes you’re experienced in the comments section below!


Editorial: My Xoom’s Death Defying Experience

Special note:  I am not bashing or dissing any of the work done by others for rooting the Motorola Xoom, but merely saying that something went wrong for me.

I’ve had my Xoom for a couple weeks now and, while I know that it is generally regarded as a poor offering, especially as Honeycomb’s launch platform, I love it.  Now, 2 hours ago I decided to root.  Why, you ask?  Motorola might make excellent hardware, but its software support is less than stellar.  Hence, 5 months after launch, the EU Xoom was still on Android 3.0 with 3.1 somewhere over the horizon but seemingly on another planet.

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Here Are Some Changes You’re Definitely Going To Notice

I’m sure you, our readers, have gotten used to our current layout. I chose this to put an emphasis on the posts themselves but, unfortunately, it lacks visual pisazz. Thus, within the next couple of days the layout and look shall change drastically, but for the better.

Another big change shall occur within our categories which shall be simplified to “Cars”, “Tech”, “Gaming”, “Reviews” and “Selections”. Now, the first four are undoubtedly familiar to you. Selections is a new category in which I shall be making app or hardware selections made especially for the local Maltese market.

Which brings me some new features we’ll be bringing to Enexi. First off are daily app recommendations for Android, either for smart phones, tablets or both. Next is a weekly round up of the best deals around for the best hardware out there for the Maltese Islands, be it a brick and mortar retailer or an online store.

What will most probably be our most popular features shall be an all new pod cast, more details about this coming soon, and reviews. A Motorola Xoom is in the works, with a Honeycomb vs iOS comparison coming soon, as well as a look at some of the most popular Android handsets around.

It’s going to be quite a summer, so bookmark our site and keep coming!

Samsung Allegedly The Manufacturer For The Nexus ‘Prime’

BGR are again quoting sources with info about Google’s upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich (that’s Android 4.0 to you and me) flagship. BGR had previously reported this new Nexus device as having a “monster” display with 720p resolution, a 5 megapixel camera of supposedly astounding quality and a 1.2 or 1.5GHz Dual Core CPU.

Now, BGR are saying that Samsung have been pegged as the manufacturers using a Texas Instruments OMAP 4460, pure Android 4.0 and a Super AMOLED HD display, whatever that is. Google are allegedly using the ‘Prime’ code name internally, and BGR’s source says that the name might stick to retail.

Now, I personally am not too happy about Samsung making the device. I believe that the Nexus One had was of better build than the Nexus S, and HTC are trusted more by Android’s fans than Samsung. But it’s easy to see why Google would go for Samsung as their OEM. Firstly, their hardware is indeed out of this world, with their Super AMOLED technology blowing the competition out of the water. Their silicon chips are also great, delivering blistering performance regardless of clock speed, with the Galaxy S and the Galaxy SII being a case in point. Some would also argue that the Nexus S sold much better than the Nexus One, which it really did, making it better for Google to stick with the manufacturer. But then again, the Nexus One was the victim of Google’s experiment with retail, bypassing carriers in the US in favour of an online store, something that really did not go down well with the average consumer.

Will Samsung truly be the OEM? Will the ‘Prime’ have a Super AMOLED HD display? Only time, and Google, will tell.

HTC Desire is indeed getting Gingerbread, HTC takes its comments back


Despite openly announcing on Facebook yesterday that the Desire, the flagship for 2010, won’t be getting the update to Gingerbread, HTC have just announced that the updatw is back on the roadmap.

They didn’t give any details or such, but its official. What does this show?  HTC truly care about their customers after listening to the public’s (very strong and emotional) opinion. Let’s wait and see how they are going to fix the memory problem.

HTC Desire won’t be getting Gingerbread after all


Quite a sad day for all you tech enthusiasts out there, as HTC have announced, through their UK Facebook page that the original HTC Desire will not be getting that much anticipated Gingerbread update.

Why is that, I hear you ask.  HTC claims that there isn’t enough space on the Desire for Sense and Gingerbread to play nicely together. This is actually rather sad, and indeed confusing. After all, the Evo 4G received its Gingerbread update a few days ago, and it has specs that are virtually identical to the Desire’s.  Also, developers have been making Gingerbread ROMs running Sense on top for quite some time now, so users can always accept the rooting community’s helping hands. Why have developers managed to bring Gingerbread and Sense together, but HTC have not?

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