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COD Modern Warfare 3 Super Leak

For those Activision fan-boys out there this could be a blessing or a curse because Kotaku have gotten their hands on A LOT of info about the upcoming COD title, whether or not you read it is up to you, no spoilers here so its safe to read on.

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Crysis 2 first DLC

The very delicious Crysis 2 is getting a few new maps in which to look so damn smooth. Crysis isn’t the game that you get bored with but it just felt that the multiplayer was a bit lacking in the sense that there was little to do and a lot of time to do it. Although with some new maps in the mix this should encourage gamers to pick up that controller/ mouse and have an other go at it.

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PSN and Mass Effect 3

Sony has finally announced that the PSN will be back around May 31st and that they will give PS3 users a choice of 2 free games from 5 avaliable while PSP users have a choice from 4 games, just 21 Days left until everything comes back!

Hey Did You Hear ?
Mass Effect 3 the Final game in the Mass Effect Trilogy has been delayed, now before you go all crazy or suicidal or anything (we here at enexi will not be held responsible for any deaths caused by this news) it hasn’t really been delayed by much, it’s coming. Early 2012 like January-Febuary, which is a brilliant marketing scheme as well, during these months it’s a very dry season for games having something new will actually increase sales!

But I as a person will wait, I’d rather have a complete game rather than a game that breaks and needs a new update every week.

Leave how you feel about all this in the comments below

Steve Cassar Laudi

Battlefield 3!…Beta

For those of you who purchased Medal of Honor limited edition, or Pre-ordered said game *cough cough* not Emmanuel *cough cough* I hope that they know they will have first access to the Battlefield 3 beta. Which is a good thing for all of us, But the thing is … when?

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Sony Lies!

So 4th May has come and gone and Sony still has not brought PSN back online and everybody is kind of pissed not playing Portal 2 Co-Op. My advice to Sony, ‘Always Have a BACK UP GUYS!’ These things shouldn’t really happen, i mean ok it’s a free network, but there is Playstation Plus, those Members Should at least be able to play immediately as, after all,  they PAID for the service. You all have no idea how pissed off this makes most of us, sspecially the Little Big Planet Community, everything could be lost”. Anyway guys sorry for the late content update I’ll be putting up a Magicka Review as soon as me and my Brother Manage to get pass Chapter 5.

Stay Tuned

Steve CL

Nintendo confirms wii’s successor

Nintendo have given in THIS image to CVG, that got leaked, it more or less tell the whole story its “whom it might concern” (read everyone)

Well this just makes us more and more exited about E3 this year.

Expect more coverage about this new mystery console and questions like “will it be an other casual thing?” “will it still be based on motion control?” “will we be expecting the vitality sensor 2?” and such.

Seb Rausi.

PSN Down while Portal 2 Up!

Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat where Released Earlier This Week, but it was pretty much short lived since Last Wedneday the PlayStation Network Got Hacked … Sony Finally Came Clean Friday Saying that someone Did Hack the PSN And it might be ‘days’ Since you can Log Back In, Trying To Sign in right Now Will Bring Up And Error On Your PS3 Saying it is Down For Maintanence ….. All there is to do now is wait until it comes back up and use the free Portal 2 PC Version that came with your PS3 Version for now,If You are a PC or XBox Live User, You Should have No Problems, the only problem you might have is that you have not yet picked up either Portal 2 or Mortal Kombat, A Small Review On Portal 2 To Come Later.

Steve CL

Dragon Age 2, and future Reviews

So today Dragon Age 2 Comes out and OH MY GOD …. I CANT WAIT TO BUY IT :D, ill be doing A WHOLE BUNCH of reviews in the next few weeks, but not to leave you completely empty handed here’s what is already on my plate (please note these games are not in review order and i will review whatever is most natural to me, so keep checking back every week).


Many More Will Be on My Plate, So Keep Checking Back!

Steve C.L