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Our apologies

Dear readers,


I would sincerely like to apologize, on behalf of the team here at Enexi, for the lack of content these past few weeks.  A number of important news items have risen to prominence, and we have failed to bring that news to you.

Unfortunately, due to sever time constraints, we shall not be able to report with any great frequency or regularity for the next month or so.  We shall make an effort to put up important posts when we can, but alas I can give you no guarantees.

I thank you, our readers, for your patience and for your loyalty to our site, and I promise you that come Summer 2011, you shall be duly rewarded.  We have some great plans in the works, ready to be implemented at a moment’s notice, some great editorials, and new features to our website that shall undoubtedly please you.

Again, I apologize for the lack of content, and thank you for your perseverance. Sincerely,

Emmanuel Buttigieg, Editor-in-Chief