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MW3 Geting a Zombie Mode of its Own

Well maybe not a “zombies” mode, but something on the same lines. Spec ops Survival is Actis newest instalment from its fave cash cow *cough cough* I mean game. A mix and mash between MW2’s spec ops mission based levels and antics and the never-ending waves that is treyarchs zombie mode.

As much as Acti seems to be pushing the limits of gamer tolerance, like adding an automated noobtube turret, or leaving last stand in the game the whole survival mode seems to be shaping up quite nicely.

welcome addition? or overused cliché? tell us in the comments section.

Seb Rausi.

Bethesda Encroching on Minecraft Creators

David and Goliath are at it again, Bethesda filed a “complaint” to mojang studios (the indie team that made minecraft), saying that their new game which has the word ‘scrolls’ in it, a segment of the official legal action:

The sign Scrolls exhibit significant visual, aural and conceptual similarities with my principal’s trademark The Elder Scrolls, These similarities are reinforced by the fact that in the entertainment industry, including the computer games industry it is common practice for goods and services with a common commercial origin to be marketed as characterized by are constructed from a common brand elements. For example, the company Nintendo’s world famous Mario series with game titles like Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros., or company Blizzard’s Warcraft series of games titles such as Warcraft Orcs and Humans and the World of Warcraft…. there is a clear risk to the average consumer to get the idea that goods and/or services provided under the sign Scroll and The Elder Scrolls from the same commercial origin or at least from economically-linked undertakings. Against this background, it is our opinion that Mojang’s use of the sign Scrolls constitutes an infringement of my principal.

Even though minecraft will have its own actual opening in Las Vegas later this year, and having just sold 3million copies (considering the game is still in a beta) its still nothing compared to the epicly acclaimed elder scrolls series and they know that, so Markus ‘Notch’ Persson (founder of Mojang) is making it as clear as possible that this is a misunderstanding and have no quarrel with the publishing giant.

Think they are taking this too seriously and bethesda is overreacting? or is it Mojang that should back off and just give them hat they want? tell us in your comments.

Seb Rausi.


Steam: Truly the Worlds Digital Distrabution Source.

An indie game by the name “Cthulhu Saves the World” (which is a brilliant one at that, incorporating brilliant RPG elements with humour and a gripping storyline) has sold more cyber “units” in 6 days on steam then on a whooping 18 moths on 360’s XBLIG (xboxlive indie games) channel.

With modern-day gamers more likely to be connected to the internet (and their home rather then stores) digital distribution has soared in the past few years, and other major players are trying to move in on this very efficient way of selling their swag. To put it into perspective Valve has said it makes more profit per employee then the tech colossus’ Apple and Google. (no values cos well… its Valve. They don’t tell us anything about this stuff)

With EA (look trying to out compete someone else) setting up its new origin service (previously the flawed “EA store”) they are using quite a lot of marketing brunt and such to promote it and become as profitable as steam.

Should Valve be weary of this new threat? or will their very strong fan base be loyal and snuff out the competition? Tell us what you think in the comments section bellow.


Seb Rausi.

Metro:Last Light Gameplay Trailer

The sequel to Metro 2033 just got a new gameplay trailer, the expression on your faces most probably shows the extent to which this game tanked in sales and publicity. As seen before though *cough* Okami *cough* good games dont always get the sales figures they deserve. As good as Metro 2033 was it was drowned out by the chaotic amount of FPS’s there have been lately.

Well Metro: Last light seems to be doing everything 2033 did and more, With heavy emphasis on lighting (well it is in the name) we can expect some stealth and sneaking as a major gameplay element. Though if ammo is as rare as in 2033 then you are going to have to choose which bulbs to take out very carefully.

Lets hope that THQ will market this low profile gem as much as it deserves, which is a lot.

EA: Now Making Modernwarfare3…

Well they may not be actually making “Modernwarfare3”, but then again no one is. Activision steered away from that name so as not to incur the wrath of the remnants of infinity ward, but now that they are being sheltered by EA I’m sure they won’t mind them using this link: …a portal to, you guessed it, a Battlefield 3 site.

We all know this is an all out war, even though EA claim it not to be, and well we all like this sorta thing, you know big corporate heads acting like total children, but boys will be boys.

Microsoft blow expectations out the roof in E3 2011

icrosoft and E3 arent exactly the best if friends, hell one time they even boycott it. This year though was something different, kinect was the star of the show, and what a show it was. There were some new titles, and there was more info on a lot of pre-announced games.

Nintendo’s new console leaked

The wii’s successor (aptly named “project cafe”) had a vid leaked sometime this week, now whether it is the real thing or some 3rd party mock up of a new console is debatable, but if it IS true then we can expect to see some controllers with screens on them, as in Nintendo recent 2 screen craze.

As stated by Nintendo expect to see more about the new hardware and how its going to perform in the next gen console line-up at E3. (which we will bring to you if you arent going there!)

Seb Rausi.

L.A Noir on shelves tomorrow

The critically acclaimed L.A Noir will be releasing tomorrow the 17th of May in the U.S.A & will be making its European début on the 20th May (coincidently the same day as the Fable 3 port for the PC). Expect some nice screen shots and a nice little review for the new member to the open-world genre. (By the kings of open world: Rockstar)

Seb Rausi.

More COD info … From Activision [Update: new vid]

This time around Activision has officially announced its worst kept secrets in the from of 3 trailers set in 3 different locals: London, America & Germany. Further confirming the fact that MW3 will be a global war. check them out for your self.

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COD Modern Warfare 3 Super Leak

For those Activision fan-boys out there this could be a blessing or a curse because Kotaku have gotten their hands on A LOT of info about the upcoming COD title, whether or not you read it is up to you, no spoilers here so its safe to read on.

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