Ice Cream Sandwich

Eric Schmidt confirms Ice Cream Sandwich for October or November

Things seem to be going well for Google’s development team as their latest iteration of Android is on track for that Q4 release date promised four months ago.  Rather surprisingly, given the excitement for ICS, only four screenshots have been leaked which don’t really show much in terms of fresh UI.  Even these screens, upon closer examination seem to be fake as some key elements from the UI are taken straight from Cyanogenmod and one of its many themes.   You can read more about the leaks here.

We still have no idea of what’s coming other than that Ice Cream Sandwich shall unite elements from Gingerbread and Honeycomb together in a one size fits all OS.  ICS should also have special dev tools which will allow them to scale their apps for different screen sizes, resulting in little or no different between tablet and smartphone versions.

2 thoughts on “Eric Schmidt confirms Ice Cream Sandwich for October or November

    1. EmmiB Post author

      This year’s high end, with the mid range phones getting it last if at all. Basically anything on par with or lower than the Desire S and Incredible S (or Galaxy S) will most probably not get it.


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