GamesCom 2011: Break down

Moving to a PS3 exclusive the highly anticipated sequel starhawks (successor of WarHawks) is looking good, with its promise of an integrated FPS-realtime strategy genre,[New sentence] one would think that it’s a rather unusual genre mash-up but the people at Lightbox manage to pull it off.

The credits system is quite straight forward, kill dudes get cash, no ore to mine or lumber to gather, meaning no awkward resources to collect.

The building system is quite fluid, with drop-pods falling from your mothership. They could also be used as an offensive measure, because[,] well[,] 5 tons of brick and concrete is gona crush just about anything. Speaking about motherships, Starhawks isnt only a land based game, some of the many vehicles can even reach for the stars (pun intended) and have a good old laser and missile dog fight!

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