First Glimpse Of Ice Cream Sandwich

And here they are! Round about two months ahead of launch we have our first glimpse of Ice Cream Sandwich. These leaked images come from a T-Mobile Samsung Nexus S. From what we can see Ice Cream (short for Ice Cream Sandwich from now on) ditches Gingerbread’s black for a dark and rather AMOLED-unfriendly blue. It also seems o be an evolution of Honeycomb in this aspect, with the holographic design cues more having a more mature, modern and coherent form. Much of the images is blacked out, but the source did give some extra info about what Ice Cream Sandwich shall entail.  Read on past the break for more info.

For one Google Shopper shall be integrated into the OS and shall be tied directly with future devices’ NFC abilities. Another interesting tidbit is that the camera application shall natively support a panorama mode and the Gmail app shall be completely redesigned.

We’re still expecting Ice Cream Sandwich to launch around October and hopefully be ready for today’s devices soon after that. The Nexus S is next in line for Ice Cream after the next Nexus device and perhaps the Xoom will be amongst the first to get a tase. But, as always, only time will tell.

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