Bentley’s New SUV

It seems even the most unlikely brands have an SUV in their pipeline. Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, and now Bentley. All thanks to the frog-eyed Porsche Cayenne, which started the trend back in 2002.

This SUV is set to be launched in 2014, and is set to cost 150,000 Sterling. Like every other Bentley ever sold, the interior will be lavishly laid out with leather and wood, to place it as a direct rival to the Range Rover, the current leader in premium SUVs. It should also be a rival to the Aston Martin Lagonda which, incidentally will be launched at about the same time.

The platform for this car is still yet undecided, however will probably be based on the same platform as the Audi Q7. The W12 engine seems to be the strongest engine for this car, as Bentley seems determined that this car produces 1000Nm of torque, a figure common around Bentley saloons and coupes.

Cannot really say I am looking forward to yet another SUV, but SUVs seem to be very popular in America. Still if this car is a success, then Bentley will have more money to spend on newer high end sporty saloons, cars that Bentley are known for.

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