Bethesda Encroching on Minecraft Creators

David and Goliath are at it again, Bethesda filed a “complaint” to mojang studios (the indie team that made minecraft), saying that their new game which has the word ‘scrolls’ in it, a segment of the official legal action:

The sign Scrolls exhibit significant visual, aural and conceptual similarities with my principal’s trademark The Elder Scrolls, These similarities are reinforced by the fact that in the entertainment industry, including the computer games industry it is common practice for goods and services with a common commercial origin to be marketed as characterized by are constructed from a common brand elements. For example, the company Nintendo’s world famous Mario series with game titles like Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros., or company Blizzard’s Warcraft series of games titles such as Warcraft Orcs and Humans and the World of Warcraft…. there is a clear risk to the average consumer to get the idea that goods and/or services provided under the sign Scroll and The Elder Scrolls from the same commercial origin or at least from economically-linked undertakings. Against this background, it is our opinion that Mojang’s use of the sign Scrolls constitutes an infringement of my principal.

Even though minecraft will have its own actual opening in Las Vegas later this year, and having just sold 3million copies (considering the game is still in a beta) its still nothing compared to the epicly acclaimed elder scrolls series and they know that, so Markus ‘Notch’ Persson (founder of Mojang) is making it as clear as possible that this is a misunderstanding and have no quarrel with the publishing giant.

Think they are taking this too seriously and bethesda is overreacting? or is it Mojang that should back off and just give them hat they want? tell us in your comments.

Seb Rausi.

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