EA: Now Making Modernwarfare3…

Well they may not be actually making “Modernwarfare3”, but then again no one is. Activision steered away from that name so as not to incur the wrath of the remnants of infinity ward, but now that they are being sheltered by EA I’m sure they won’t mind them using this link: www.modernwarfare3.com …a portal to, you guessed it, a Battlefield 3 site.

We all know this is an all out war, even though EA claim it not to be, and well we all like this sorta thing, you know big corporate heads acting like total children, but boys will be boys.

2 thoughts on “EA: Now Making Modernwarfare3…

  1. Michael

    Err…no, someone just bought that domain before anyone else and decided it would be funny to redirect it to Battlefield 3. This had nothing to do with EA or Activision.


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