What Do Microsoft’s E3 Announcements Mean For Xbox?

Hardware like the Kinect is the way to the future (but not according to Nintendo) and big companies are beginning to have faith in the industry of motion control. One of these companies is Crytek, the same developer of games such as Crysis. Only a teaser trailer has been shown for now, but this trailer says a lot. Crytek are developing a Kinect game which puts the player into the shoes of a warrior, were thanks to the amazing engine that due to the immense realism immerses you in the gameplay.

Set in Roman times, the Kinect-based game appears to be a brawler with players able to block with a shield and swing their sword through gestures. Crytek already known to have one of the best engines out there, and putting it into effect on a Kinect games had to be one of the greatest ideas ever which others developers should surely expand on. Not a lot of information has been given yet, but just from the trailer and faith in Crytek from previous games, RYSE seems to be one hell of a project that seems to be to die for.

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