What Do Microsoft’s E3 Announcements Mean For Xbox?

It has been 2 years since the last Forza game, and this time around Forza Motorsport 4 brings some very big changes along with it. The biggest step up to this game is the Kinect support, which brings the driving experience to a whole new level. Another big feature is the improved engine, the graphics might be using old hardware but it seems to be a fierce competitor to that of Grand Tursimo, possibly even better.

The online experience has also been buffed up, allowing for not only 16 player races but also the chance to create clubs and share garages. One of the special features that the Kinect brings along is Autovista allowing the player to walk around and explore inside their vehicle thanks to the full head tracking feature (which is also used while racing, allowing players to look around corners while turning, which might appear to be slightly uncomfortable).

Kinect will also allow the player to use audio commands to navigate menus and hand gestures to drive the cars. Turn 10 Studios seem to be doing their best to polish the game as much as possible and even going in new fresh directions such as Kinect to blow the competition away such as Need For Speed. Although not too many spoilers have been released yet, we can all safely say that Forza 4 will be one of the best driving experiences, put together by breathe-taking graphics and a nice line-up of cars.

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