What Do Microsoft’s E3 Announcements Mean For Xbox?

Fable has always been close to Microsoft’s heart ever since Lionhead Studios joined forces with Microsoft.  Their new game Fable The Journey gives players a new RPG this time in first person, where the controller is your body thanks to the wonderful capabilities of the Kinect. The game might seem to be in the world of Fable, but gameplay has changed drastically. From a simple and fun third person RPG it has now turned into what looks lika an “on-rails” shooter which put off fans at first, buy Peter Molyneux himself insisted it isn’t. Lionhead also informed us that the game would not even follow the past story but would feature new lore, but to keep the fans mind at rest they also mentioned that a true follow-up on the story was underway.

So far from the demo, one can anticipate a game filled with puzzles, horse riding, and blasting magic on unfortunate creatures, all with the swish of your hands. Could more mechanics be introduced? Maybe some new ways of combat with maybe bows or swords, instead of just slapping monsters with your hand as I highly doubt slapping them is going to do much of an effect.

The game still seems to be at its early stages, and although looks like a decent Kinect game, compared to others, it seems to differ too much from other Fable games. This is rather upsetting for fans, but could Lionhead Studios somehow manage to incorporate a good Kinect game while keeping true to the Fable lore? Only time will tell, and maybe a few leaks on the way would help too.

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