What Do Microsoft’s E3 Announcements Mean For Xbox?

Mass Effect was once an Xbox and PC exclusive, even though it has now branched onto the PS3, Bioware made it quite clear that the best experience for this game will be on the Xbox. Bioware are making full use of the voice recognition software on the Kinect, who knows if they’ll put the full body motion into effect to. Yet again you play as Commander Shepard, a great leader who, with the help of his team, is destined to save the galaxy from an ancient civilisation called The Reapers. Instead using other beings in the galaxy such as the Collectors in Mass Effect 2, this time around the Reapers themselves are here to finish the job by destroying all forms of life, starting off with Earth.

Just like in previous Mass Effect games Shepard must form a team, this time requiring the loyalty of not only his crew but of entire species. At E3 Bioware were able to show off a few goodies, such as the Omni-blade, a glowing blade able to kill enemies in a simple swoop, changing the whole mechanics of the gameplay. No longer are you just going to sit behind cover, shoot a little, and use some biotics to remove shields, now players can take this new melee mechanic and put it into the mix.

To make this new mechanic even smoother, Bioware have also upgraded the movement mechanic, making moving from cover to cover even smoother. Let us not forget the new Kinect features that this game brings along. This time around no need to just keep tapping “A” constantly to choose what phrase you wish Shepard to say, this time around your voice is Shepard’s voice. The player will be able to select the phrase just by speaking it out loud. To make you even more involved and feel like you are the commander, Bioware have also included the feature voice commands that control your squad. Getting rid of an enemy’s shield has never been easier just by blurting out commands such as “Garrus Overload”. With all these new mechanics, gameplay has never been so smooth and immersive. Bioware are also continuing with the ability to continue from past saves from the previous games. Let’s hope you all made the right choices and were able to save your team, as this time around it would seem that those choices could be the difference between salvation and death.

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