What Do Microsoft’s E3 Announcements Mean For Xbox?

Apart from the technology behind theKinect, there is one game that defines the Xbox, whos protagonist almost seen as its mascot, and an amazingly crafted storyline that seems to burst out of nowhere. Straight from Microsoft studios itself comes Halo, and this year at E3 they unveiled their new idea of revamping the first Halo game into Halo Anniversary: Combat Evolved, after exactly 10 years since the first game was released.

Although this time around it will be produced by Microsoft’s own team of 343 Industries, players will get to play the exact same game which defined the modern day shooter, but this time in full HD graphics thanks to the new engine. The game will bring back 7 classic multiplayer maps from the original game and also with the press of simple button, during the single player campaign one could switch from the new and improved HD graphics to that of the original game. The developers wanted to make sure that the experience will be as similar as possible to that of the original.

Multiplayer wise it should be just like Halo Reach but with all new maps, yet still nothing is a 100% confirmed yet. Not too many fans would be thrilled if armour lock didn’t appearance in the game. Could all this mean that we might see a Halo 2 HD come back? Halo has always been Microsoft’s baby that has now fully grown into its biggest money maker, and even though Bungie might have called it quits on this project Microsoft’s own studio will never let the franchise die.

But Halo Anniversary was not the only announcement Microsoft unveiled, it was rather more of a cover up to hide the main hit of the show. Right as they were about to leave the stage the first ever trailer and we could say major leak (apart from the minor one that hit right before the show) was Halo 4. Master Chief is back, right were we left him, to continue his mission and save the universe.

Fans can only imagine what trouble John has got himself into this time, as we see him rudely awoken by Cortana, dodging flying heaps of steel broken off from his ship, while being sucked into some other ship. Microsoft and developers 343 Industries are shedding no light on the story, only telling us that there is more to the trailer than meets the eye. Will 343 Industries follow in Bungies footsteps, or will they bring something new to the table? We will only find out later on in the year, and wait in anticipation for 2012 when everyone’s loved hero, Master Chief, returns.

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