What Do Microsoft’s E3 Announcements Mean For Xbox?

Another highly anticipated shooter revisited was that of Gears of War 3, the last in the epic trilogy made by no one other than EPIC themselves. The legendary team is back, and this time it isn’t a battle, it is a full on war for survival. Demos at E3 focus on the fact that survival is key, where not even far out at sea on a ship is safe anymore.

For EPIC, E3 was their chance to show off the rest of the game that was not unveiled in the previous beta. Epic are going all out with a bang, upgrading the game to its utmost. This game is not only designed by EPIC but is controlled by the fan based community that plays it. Gears of War has become more than just a shooter with just a campaign or amazing multiplayer experience as proved by the beta, it is much more thanks to the new and improved version of Horde mode, a game type that EPIC take pride in not inventing, but perfecting. Boss battles, more weapons, laser barriers and even decoys are just a small taste of this new experience.

Just like in the previous Gears of War all multiplayer maps can be used for Horde mode, and that’s not all, this experience is made even better with gameplay modifiers, yes killing beasts while sporting a big and lumpy head has never been so fun. Gears of War 3 is a game designed for the community, by the community, EPIC have done all they can to involve all the feedback from the community, yes EPIC have heard all the complaints about the Sawn-off shotgun and apparently now has a big flashing light on it where anyone could from miles away. The cherry on the cake to this epic experience is dedicated servers; yes you heard it, DEDICATED SERVERS. This means no lag, fair gameplay and the best online experience. What more can anyone ask of this game? If it could make sandwiches I am pretty sure I was marry this big boy.

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