Ubisoft Show off brass and sillyness at E3

After a bit more time wasting from Aaron we got the feeling Ubisoft didnt really have anything else to show us, and more or less we were right.

Kick starting the latter half of the event with Track mania 3, we could see that there wasnt going to be very much for the core gamers from here out. With user made tracks shareable with the community that means crazy drops hills and turns making for an acradish style of gameplay even if the cars look realistic.

Following came Raving Rabbits for the kinect, it has a multitude of “family” games like whack a mole and fill the shape. It supports up to 4 players, though i dont know 3 other players that would actually want to do this. the animations were smooth, as smooth as kicking a rabbit can get. and the Augmented reality was passable, but nothing that we haven’t seen before.

After came Dance revolution 4, not much else to say on that

And finally came “your shape” a fitness game with a global stats system aiming to burn a total of 1 million calories worldwide.

After that flurry of casual motion control games Ubisoft didnt want to end on a bad note so they got out the big guns.

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