Ubisoft Show off brass and sillyness at E3

Along with this being Ubisoft’s 25th year it is also Ghost recon’s 10th year of existence. The modern shooter always pits the player in a rag tag team of infiltration and destruction experts.

This was shown in the 8bit “flash back” way that driver was shown with a squad taking out a tank with some pixely explosions.

But joking aside Tommy Jacob went up on stage and gave the tech demo for Ghost recon: future soldier. We had seen a bit about it in the Micrsoft event and how kinect comes into the equation, but a more hands on approach was shown this time.

The story was set in Nigeria , with the squad hiding in some swamp. They then head out activating their active camo making them completely invisible when not moving. their super tech let them see heat signatures through walls and lock onto VIP’s. The game also shows of its 4player Co-op ability by showing an other 3 players that were hiding behind a curtain. As for combat the guns seemed overly exited with recoil making you aim everywhere except the target, although precision shots were dead on. Also the guns felt like they were filled with bb rather then lead taking quite abit of ammo to take someone down.

Dynamic cover was quite realistic as chip of concrete were flying everywhere when pinned down. Mulitplayer was mentioned and the implications of a suit that could let you go completely invisibly might need some balancing. Most probably it will be the distorted husk that crysis2 adopted. Also the title will be coming back to PC after some time in the PS realm.

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