Ubisoft Show off brass and sillyness at E3

Then Dan Hey from Ubisoft Montreal come out stating that they have a brand new IP, one set in a remote jungle island and all the inhabitants are simply crazy, and judging by the demo they sure as hell are.

Thats right their “brand new IP” is actually the 3rd instalment in a great franchise. In fact half way in I started to say “this reminds me about farcry2”. The story telling seems a lot more personal and attaching. With a lot of gore and Swearing this is going to get an 18+ rating for sure.

Combat is alot more stable and solid then its previous title with heavy feeling guns and controllable recoil, though some of the knife scenes seemed scripted. There seems to be a new detection system where an arrow points to which enemy saw or heard you.  As for graphics they seem very crisp and clear even from far away, the water looked very responsive and natural too.
This great game is set to release some time 2012

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