Ubisoft Show off brass and sillyness at E3

Kicking off by stating it was Ubisofts 25th anniversary, and abit of time wasting it was looking like it would be last year all over again

But then the origional creator of Rayman walked on stage so we were giddy for some new info on Rayman origins. Except he decided to do a bit of acting, Shakespeare. twisting the famous line to “Ubi or not Ubi”. With all that done he jumped into the game

A vary cartoony side-scroller it felt very arcade, almost PSN/XBLA arcade, so im not sure we are getting a full fat Ray man for a while now. Depiction (as the name says) origins or Rayman plot was basic and gameplay looked fun. But so far the Publishing giant had yet to appease Hardcore gamers.

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