Microsoft blow expectations out the roof in E3 2011

Back to the games, (and this is one hell of a game), Cliff Brasinsky from Epic games shows off some, epic (dont mind the pun) co-op footage of Gears of War 3 … with Ice-Tea.

3 words mostly: BIG, EXPLOSIVE and DIRTY.

Cliff thanked all the people who participated in the multiplayer beta to smoothen out any bugs it might have had. Easily notable it looks alot like the beta in the way the characters move and shoot. The live demo also saw some Weponised Mechs. The game as a whole also feels very realistic, with dynamic cover and a good feel with the guns.

It’s got its usual crude humor and “bad ass” tone that old fans will love, but with the polished and refined feel that new comers to the franchise will appreciate

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