Microsoft blow expectations out the roof in E3 2011

After all that gaming info some time was spent to show off some of the new features Xbox live will have.

The most important of which were that XBL is getting a “new experience” and that kinect will make technology invisible. An instant music service will be probvided but not much info was shed on this, it will most probably be something like grooveshark.

More interestingly Youtube will have an integrated feature in XBL along with the in-house Bing search engine, used to search the internet for well anything. It will give you a list of games, movies (brought to you mostly by hulu) or music or whatever you searched form then you can use voice or hand gestures to cycle through them.

Also The integration of live T.V was implemented with support from SKY and CANAL+ i think they are really serious about this whole “no need for any other tech divice at all… just the Xbox is fine” campaign

Also Phill spencer came along and commented that all the games from now on are completely Xbox exclusive!

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